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Spamton Dialog Quirks Guide

Altered from ratchimerasvat (tumblr)

Blue Addison idle animation Pink Addison idle animation Orange Addison idle animation Yellow Addison idle animation

Blue Addison * Pink Addison * Orange Addison * Yellow Addison

* So, yeah, these guys
* "But… Why?" I hear you saying… Well, I needed to know who did what and said what for storywise purposes… But I think this can help Roleplayers and Fanfic writers too!
* "But you are't really differentiating between them, you're just sorting them by color." Yeah, that's because most people only write about 4 of them… And I particularly headcannon that at their core Addisons that look the same are the same individuals. But you can still differentiate them by looking at the screenshots.
* I did this to see if I could see some kinda of pattern in their behaviors… It's very tenuous and I'm not sure Toby intended them to have any personality…
* Blue is the sweetest. He doesn't even get mad if you refuse to get free Shoe samples or try to get it more than once! And, of course, he went to check on Spamton.
* Pink is the more ambitious, to the point of it being a problem. When the other Addisons are hiding during the weird route he is the only one offering products, even going so far as to offer a dangerous ring at a ridiculously high price! He gets annoyed if you don't buy tea… He also seems to still hold some sort of grudge about Spamton's behavior.
* Orange scams you with the dress, he seems to be the more irresponsible or impulsive one, maybe?
* Yellow is mysterious, as he can't be found before fighting Spamton Neo. He's also our exposition guy, he seems to know a lot and he was somehow watching everything that was happening to Spamton from afar. He has some higher rank energy, at least for me.

Blue Addison

[1] Generic Addison outside a doorway
* We are Addisons! All we do is advertise!!
* This is an advertisement too! (Advertisements now only $9.99!)
* Don't like advertisements? Block ads for only $9.99!
* Change your mind? Bring them back for only $9.99!
* Spamton? ... We don't talk about that around here.
[2] Free samples vendor for Cyber Shoes II
* Welcome to Cyber Shoes II!
* Free samples!! Would you like one!?
* Spamton? ... No idea who you're talking about.
[1/2] "He'd shoot his mouth" post-Neo expositor
* Night after night, when we all went to the same cyber grill,
* He'd shoot his mouth about making it big someday.
* "You just watch!"
* "Someday, I'm gonna be a big shot!"
[1/2] Addison that went to check on Spamton in Queen's mansion
* The day he was to be evicted from Queen's mansion,
* I went to his room to check on him...
* But he wasn't there.
* There was only a phone hanging off the handle.
* He must've left in the middle of a conversation,
* Because I could still hear someone on the other end...
* ...
* But when I put the reciever to my ear...
* There was nothing but garbage noise.
[2] Free samples vendor for Castletown mannequin
* This place is a great deal!! All kinds of new customers!!
* Want a free sample? Just $4.99 to try a bite of these clothes!!

Pink Addison

[1] Shoe & ring (Snowgrave) vendor outside a Cyber Shoes location
* Ah, you two don't look together!
* Can I interest you in some brand new Divorcing Shoes...?
* Ah, you three look together! How about some marriage shoes?
* Ohhon!! Two young beings together on a school night...
* Could I interest you in some brand new Dating Shoes...?
* If you're something else, maybe a Dating Shoes isn't right...?
* Maybe I could interest you in a FreezeRing?
* C'mon, angel! You can't get stronger without good equipment!
* Just a small fee of ${the amount of money you have + 1}!
[2] "Your Own" Tea vendor
* This is the HOTTEST tea shop! HOT HOT HOT!! 50% off!
* For $100, Choose your OWN flavor!!
* But if you don't choosea flavor, who will!?!?
[1/2] Jealous post-Neo expositor
* Suddenly, he got really good at his job.
* The clicks started piling up...
* What? What did he do?
* Why did HE deserve this?
* We were all so jealous of him,
* We stopped going out with him.
* I mean, wasn't he a big shot?
* He didn't need us anymore, did he...?
[3] Cotton candy vendor at the fair (only Addison to not leave post-Neo)

Orange Addison

[1] Generic Addison outside a doorway
* We are Addisons! All we do is advertise!!
* This is an advertisement too! (Advertisements now only $9.99!)
* Don't like advertisements? Block ads for only $9.99!
* Change your mind? Bring them back for only $9.99!
* Spamton? ... Haven't heard that name in a long time.
[2] Clothing store mannequin vendor
* Clothing Store SALE! SALE!
* We're selling this for 75% off! Only 300 Dark Dollars!
* Great doing business with you!!
* Buy! Buy! Buy! We're sold out! Buy!
* Spamton? ... We don't talk about that around here.
[1/2] "Someone must have been helping him" post-Neo expositor
* He started to get a little desperate.
* I heard he started looking for any way to become more popular.
* Or, was he... found BY someone?
* They must have been helping him, because suddenly,
* He was on the phone all the time...

Yellow Addison

[1] Sympathetic post-Neo expositor
* He was... Like the rest of us.
* Just... a little unlucky.
* For some reason, his products never seemed to hit...
* ... and the Lightners never even looked his way.
* ... Poor guy.
[2] Big Shot post-Neo expositor
* Even so, he only got more and more successful.
* He moved into a luxurious room in the Queen's mansion...
* He started bragging about big TV deals, big cars, big commercials...
* But then things started to crack.
* It seems like whatever was helping him...
* Disappeared.
* His sales dropped to zero...
* And everything came crashing down.

All Addisons

* Spamton...
* Aren't you just sick of him?
* Why does he get all the attention?
* Why should he be so special?
* He wasn't any better than any of us.
* What do you think...?
* Let's buy Spamton's silence, permanently.
* Let's get him out of this place once and for all.
* Don't you think it's about time someone else got the spotlight!?
* Or... should he stay free?
* Let him live his lucky life.
* Encourage him... be happy for him.
* After all, are we really any better...?
* Hm.
* Spamton's fate... is in our hands.