Strings Attached

MAR 2023 - [[Big]] UPDATE v0.5

* Lots of stuff has been updated on the backend!
* Most of the cool new pages are still in progress (so not live yet), but here's like 50% of the [[Big]] Update that's been in the pipeline for months lol
* Check back later for more :3


Planned Updates (rough priority):
* [WIP] $pamton $weepstakes
* [WIP] Spamton Value Network™
* [WIP] E????? ???????Y
* Lore links collection
* Big Shot Autos™ Page
* Create GitHub Actions pipeline for updates
* Additional sprite reference pages
* Alt text for images
* More fake ads + secret links
* More interactive Spamton dialogue
Fanclub Activities:
* [WIP] Spamton Pet
* Pipis Room
* Sneo Trolley Problem
* "Which Bootleg Spamton Plush Are You?" Quiz
* Spamton EX quiz show / Spamton Impossible Quiz
* Spamton text post randomizer
Complete (since last major update):
* [✓] Page embed descriptions
* [✓] Sitemap (help) --- secret page ;)
* [✓] Dedicated Fangamer Merch pages
* [✓] JavaScript backend overhall
* [✓] Update site to use Deltarune font
* [✓] Make a site button
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A site button with text reading: Strings Attached. The text flashes periodically. A sprite of Spamton appears on the right of the text and changes as he notices the green strings that appear behind him.
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