Strings Attached


* Fanclub members have (finally) been updated! Check them out if you hadn't seen a response.
* The code has been updated so it should (hopefully) be easier for me to keep up with submissions.
* Also added some Fanclub Wrapped stats, enjoy!


Planned Updates (rough priority):
* [WIP] Update home page layout
* [WIP] $pamton $weepstakes Lore & Finale
* [WIP] Spamton Value Network™
* [WIP] Spamton LOVE Network™
* [WIP] E????? ???????Y
* Additional sprite reference pages
* Spamton Timeline Page
* Lore links collection
* Big Shot Autos™ Page
* Create GitHub Actions pipeline for updates
* Spamton admin pages
* Alt text for images
Fanclub Activity Ideas:
* [WIP] Spamton Pet
* Spamton Gets Evicted (Warioware-type game?)
* Spamton Dress-up Game
* Spamton EX quiz show / Spamton Impossible Quiz
* Sneo Trolley Problem
* Pipis Room
Complete (since last major update):
* [✓] Update fanclub member backlog
* [✓] Compile and add fanclub wrapped stats
* [✓] Update fanclub member join script
* [✓] Remove Discord sfx
* [✓] $pamton $weepstakes (main pages)
* [✓] Spamton Swatter
Suggestions? Something Broken?


* Strings Attached is a Deltarune fansite that archives everything Spamton related, with the hopes of eventually becoming a one-stop-shop
for all things Deltarune.
* Created by sheepydwagon
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A site button with text reading: Strings Attached. The text flashes periodically. A sprite of Spamton appears on the right of the text and changes as he notices the green strings that appear behind him.